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Meet Joe! Joe is an avid traveler, passionate about photography, is always seeking for something to pump up his adrenaline, has a 9-5 job but takes every chance he gets to explore new places.

At work he is always dreaming of distant lands, exotic places, mountains, beaches and what not but when he finally gets a holiday, he is always confused about where he can go!

He spends hours researching and looking for his next getaway based on his preferences by asking friends, browsing through blogs, reading reviews etc but nothing ever seems to help. If you have ever felt the same, then read on…

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Explore amazing weekend getaways or far-off places. Find things to do, places to eat and places to stay and with expert recommendations and authentic reviews. Every bit of information has been crowd-sourced by TripHoppers who have actually been to that place.

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After all… “Experiences separate a traveler from the rest of the world”

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